I started to feel it today. It slowly creeped in while I was mindlessly watching Netflix and packing my medications into my make up bag. I wouldn’t quite call it excitement. Perhaps anxiousness, or maybe I was unconsciously nervously anticipating what my six month journey will consist of. Anxiety is a mysterious creature. I think minee stems from two things: my brain’s inability to comprehend what my life will be like in seven days and an eagerness to leave painful memories in the past.

This is my chance to hit restart. I have been given a clean slate to fill with amazing life-changing memories. This is my opportunity to revitalize myself; to start anew.

Let’s see where this takes me.





Stay Curious. Discover. Create. 


  1. Honey, you have all supports and love from your family and friends, go experience a different life style in foreign country, grab everything that you learn there (ONLY GOOD THINGS), and make it be part of your life. I am sure you will have the most memorable experience.



  2. Yay to new experiences and new perspectives! It may be tough at times but how else would we grow! So excited for you ❤


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