Business School -> School of Creative Arts

I apologize for not posting for awhile but school has occupied a lot of my time lately. The biggest transition I’ve had since arriving is moving from the Business School to the School of Creative Arts. Being more involved in the arts is something I’ve missed for a long time. Even though I was sketching every now and then on the weekends back home, lacking a deeper education in the arts was something that unconsciously bothered me. I am taking four classes at Massey: contemporary sculpture, printmaking, maori art and design, and principles of marketing. I love all of my classes. Everyone here is incredibly talented and willing to help one another. I figured I’d be slightly behind in my business courses once I get home but I think education is a lot more then just following the system to get a degree.

Contemporary Sculpture is my first sculpture class. We had a tutorial on how to use different tools to build stuff. Super excited to get started.

The best thing about taking study breaks is there are so many fun walks to go on throughout town. Wellington may not be very big but there are so many places to explore. I’m not sure if I could ever get tired of the views.





Stay Curious. Discover. Create. 

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