Day 1: A night at Lake Pukaki

What an exciting first day in the South Island! We flew into Christchurch from Wellington and rented a camper van from Jucy. Our van came with two double beds and a small kitchen which helped us save a lot of money.

Today was mostly filled with driving and getting organized but we managed to see some amazing scenery. On our way down, we stopped by Lake Tekapo. We arrived right when the sun was setting so the lighting was absolutely gorgeous. Lake Tekapo was rather low but I reckon once the snow melts it’ll rise up again. (Like how I sounded a bit Kiwi there 😉 )

We drove in the dark to Lake Pukaki where we decided to stay for the night. One of my favorite moments of the trip was driving to our campsite at night and waking up to a surprise. It was like opening presents on Christmas day.

Lake Pukaki was beautiful at night. We made some German friends and enjoyed roasting sausages over the fire. Later in the night, Adam and I tried to get some night photography done because the Milky Way was unbelievable. I’ve never seen such bright stars in my entire life. Yet again, I do live in the city where finding one star can be difficult. Adam fixed all the settings on my camera and I mostly sat there and watched so photo credits to him.

It was so cold that night that somehow the four of us ended up sleeping on the bottom bed. Awful idea. After a couple bonks on the head Cody moved to the top which made things a lot more comfortable. In the morning, the water looked so refreshing that Cody tried to take a make-shift shower. The water was a tad bit chilly, but entertaining for us to watch.

After a quick breakfast, we headed up to Hooker Valley to see the lake and glaciers.

Click on Day 2 to find out more!




Stay Curious. Discover. Create. 





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