Day 3: Roy’s Peak (Lake Wanaka)

This was an exhausting yet memorable day. Roy’s Peak was unbelievably gorgeous. We climbed five thousand feet in just five miles, so it’s safe to say it was mostly an uphill walk. I started the hike sweating in a sports bra and then ended with 5 layers of fleece because we hit snow about halfway up. The hike was difficult but climbing with giant blisters on my heels definitely made it a lot more painful for me. Jessi deserves a round of applause for sticking with me through my shuffling feet and sorrowful eyes. Once we got to the first view point, we stopped for a quick bite and pictures. This point is where most people take their infamous Roy’s Peak picture. However, we wanted to go higher and went to the second point which is the highest you can go. This only took us about forty minutes so it wasn’t bad at all. At the top, we ran into some Americans who now live in Australia who used to go to Cody’s University. A random note, but what a small world! On our way back to the car, the animals were out and about grazing on the grass. Jessi and I were able to get pretty close too some cows and we saw some huge bunnies chasing each other around. Thankfully going down went a lot faster, but the long and fast decline did not make our knees very happy.

The hike took us about seven hours to finish and we were famished by the time we got back to the car. We drove into Wanaka and treated ourselves to a nice dinner. Afterwards, we drove too Queenstown and camped at the first ever Bungee Jumping bridge in Kawaru. The drive took about two hours through windy roads and while Jessi and Adam slept in the back, Cody and I sang Adele to keep us awake. T’was a fantastic day.

Click on Day 4 to read more about Bungee Jumping and Queenstown!




Stay Curious. Discover. Create. 


  1. We are so jealous! Our college days looked nothing like this!! Are you sure this is a semester of education?? Certainly not in a classroom. Enjoy every BEAUTIFUL moment. Miss you💖💖💖💖

    Susan and Don


    1. My education this semester is definitely not in a classroom! oops 🙂


  2. Aaahh? Whaatt???😳😳
    Is that your lamb shank??
    Enjoy every moment…



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