Day 4: Queenstown and Milford Sound

Good thing we camped in the parking lot outside of the Bungee Jumping place because as soon as we woke up a giant Asian tour bus came rolling in. We rushed in to book a time and thankfully got one without much wait. Cody, Jessi, and Adam jumped while I took videos for them. I wanted to go sky diving instead, but that didn’t work out either because I had a tad to much too drink the night before. Oops. I’ll use the $300 dollars too see the Great Barrier Reef instead. Anyways, watching everyone bungee jump was super exhilarating and I do regret not going. Cody’s jump was the best because he stripped into his boxers and managed to dive half deep into the water below. What a way to take another make-shift shower!

Jessi pre-jump

Afterwards, we drove into Queenstown and stayed for part of the day. We didn’t explore all too much since we knew we would return. We decided to go up this hill that had spectacular views of the city as well as a restaurant. Since I couldn’t wear shoes because of my blisters, I took the gondola to the top while the others hiked up. Apparently the hike was pretty difficult so I am happy I didn’t attempt to do it with sandals. The gondola was a ton of fun and I was able to see baby goats and sheep. When I got to the top, I had some relaxing alone time sketching the scenery with a basket of fries (chips) and a chocolate milkshake. I never got tired being with my friends, but thirty minutes of solitude and sketching always helps calm the mind.



Once we were done exploring the skyline, we made our way to Milford Sound. The drive took us about three hours and the roads and tree were pretty eerie in the night. The trees reminded me of the forest Bell runs in in Beauty and the Beast. At one point we went through a huge tunnel through the mountain that really creeped out Cody. It was real bumpy and water was leaking from the ceiling. Jessi and I were driving the van so we started getting nervous and really frustrated at Cody when he described the tunnel as one where the ceiling collapses and coal miners get stuck in…

We managed to get some night shooting done when we arrived because the water front was again, unbelievably beautiful. I’ve never seen so many stars in my life. We saw so many constellations including the Southern Cross which was so so amazing to see. Jessi and I even managed to see a ton of shooting stars including one that had the longest tail that lasted a full second! We saw the Milky Way every night during the trip and this may be too much information, but I have to say it was pretty incredible peeing under the Milky Way. Even when it was cloudy, we could still make out the stars!

Photo credit: Cody Grandpre

I didn’t capture a lot of pictures today, but don’t worry I have a ton on my next post!

Click on Day 5 too see more of the eighth wonder of the world!




Stay Curious. Discover. Create. 



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