Day 5: 8th wonder of the world

I am pretty much a broken record by this time but again what another surprise waking up to another beautiful sight! We were able to get a small glimpse of what our surroundings look like from our night photography but seeing the giant mountains of Milford Sound through the windows was truly blissful.

Jessi and Cody got up early to see the sunrise and I joined them shortly. The tides were so low that I could walk around on the rocks to take pictures. I couldn’t find Jessi and Cody so I returned to the van shortly. Adam and I opened the side door to watch the sun rise and light move through the mountains. I remember feeling so content and peaceful. The air was cool and fresh and everything was so quiet. I could’ve stayed cuddled in my sleeping bag sketching the mountains all morning. Shouldn’t life feel like this everyday?

We took a cruise through the sound at 9:30 am. It was mind blowing. The mountains rose straight from the water and they towered over us. They’re made out of rocks and moss so there were tons of tiny waterfalls from the melted snow. So amazing gorgeous! I didn’t know where to look.

After the cruise, we did a bunch of small hikes which served my heels really well. We drove back South to the Chasms which was only a thirty minute return hike. We saw a natural water hole and the aquamarine water had carved out holes through the rocks which was stunning to see.

We did another small hike thirty minutes from the Chasms. Jessi and I ventured on our own because the boys were going through the mud and bushes which would’ve have been fun had I put on sneakers. The walk was really beautiful even though the trees were creepily creaking in the wind. Anyhow, it felt like we were walking in an enchanted forest.

We stayed at Totara campsite and this was one of my favorite campsites. We were alone in this field and there was a rushing river just thirty seconds from our site.At one point Jessi and I thought we found geodes! We had a lot of fun breaking rocks by the river and finding roasting sticks. The boys worked on the fire, but we did help break some fire wood for them! It was a chilly night so we topped off our roasted sausage with mulled wine. Super yummy! We turned in early tonight since we didn’t sleep all that much the previous night. I don’t think I took any pictures at the campsite because sometimes it’s nice to just soak it all up without having to have a record of it. The memory is enough!

Click on Day 6 for another day in Queenstown!



Stay Curious. Discover. Create.


  1. Sooo prettyyy!!!
    Missd u alllooot!!!



  2. Are you sure u took all these pictures?
    I dont see u in the pictures,
    There are not postcards right??🙈🙊
    Amazingly beautiful!!



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