Day 6: Queenstown

Sorry for not posting for awhile! October is a crazy month for school. Despite what most people think, yes I do study, and yes art school is really really hard. I’ve been working in the studio for close to 10 hours today so my brain is going a little haywire. Anyways, back to the van life.

After some scrumptious breakfast burritos we headed back to Queenstown to explore. We stopped at Ferg Burger for lunch and the rumors are true. It really was one of the best burgers I’ve eaten! Top it off with mulled cider and you’re set.

Mulled cider, the elixir of the gods

Today was a relaxing day in Queenstown, the boys spent time going around town getting information on skiing and snowboarding at Cardrona ski resort. Jessi and I spent some time amusing ourselves with random things like a puppy on the side walk name Chaos and a mesmerizing piano man who had the most gorgeous blue eyes. Jessi and I instantly fell in love. After the boys figured their Cardrona stuff we went to get some amazing gelato also owned by Ferg Burger and then we drove to our campsite which was up the mountain towards Cardrona Ski Resort. The campsite had gorgeous views of the mountains and the city. We even got a glimpse of the Southern Lights on Adam’s camera! It was such a surprise. We couldn’t see the lights with our eyes, but we could capture them on the camera. Looking back at this moment, I still can’t believe we saw the Southern Lights. It was completely unexpected and a memory I can’t wait to tell years from today.

Click on Day 7 for a day at the Ski Resort and a much needed shower.





Stay Curious. Discover. Create.


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