Day 10: Pancake Rocks and Hot Springs

The next morning we drove over to see the Pancake Rocks and blowholes. No one knows why the rocks are formed like this which makes them so much more fascinating. Unfortunately, it starting pouring rain so I couldn’t get as many pictures as I wanted too. Either way, it was so cool to see. I didn’t know they existed until this trip!

Since the rain made it impossible to do much of anything, we decided to drive to Marcia Hot Springs. It was an hour and a half out the way but it was well worth it. The drive itself was a ton of fun! I can never get enough of New Zealand scenery. The hot springs were outside so not only was it super relaxing, but we loosened up around gorgeous mountains. It even started to lightly drizzle which made everything so much peaceful. I love hearing the pitter patter of rain. Plus, it was nice to have a hot shower before the Abel Tasmen backpacking trip. I know right… three showers in three days… what a gift!!

That night we stayed at Hope Range Summit Campsite that had 360 degree views. Even with the clouds it was breathtaking. I felt so happy and content this day. So happy.

We topped of our night with buttered chicken pasta, wine, and card games. The past couple of days were very low-key, but definitely a nice break from the craziness we had been doing.

We started the Abel Tasmen track the next day. Check out day 11 to read more!





Stay Curious. Discover. Create. 


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    A M a Z i n G ❤️❤️❤️

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