Day 7: Skiing, Snowboarding, and Showers

The boys were so excited to start their runs so we headed up to Cardrona early in the morning. The drive was slightly terrifying. Jucy had a bit of a tough time going up the snowy mountain. I kept my head buried in my pillow until we got to the top.

This day was so relaxing and it was great to see the boys have a great time skiing and snowboarding. While the boys were out on the slopes, Jessi and I spent our time journaling, sketching, and reading. We also spent some time watching people finish their runs. We wished we could’ve gone especially when we saw a young girl skiing in a Cinderella dress. What a badass role model.

We could tell the boys felt guilty for spending the day on the slopes while Jessi and I waited for them, but it was truly nice catching up on some art and writing. They kept saying that Jessi and I could choose what we do the next day. We found that incredibly sweet but unnecessary since we really did enjoy relaxing and seeing the boys happy.

By this point, it had been a week since we last showered and we realized that maybe staying a night at a Holiday Park would be in the best interest for everyone. It got to the point where Jessi and I grew a couple dreads. A hot shower felt amazing. I forgot what it was like to have clean hair. In fact, I think not showering for awhile actually made my skin and hair healthier. A little dirt never hurt nobody.

The Holiday Park had an amazing kitchen and dining room facility that we got to use. We had a lovely dinner of chicken, pasta, and sauté carrots for dinner before going on a pub crawl in Queenstown. The ice bars were really fun to see and I had my first ever White Russian! Super yummy. Today was a luxurious day of relaxing, showering, and letting loose. A day well needed.

Not a lot of pictures today but there’s more to come!

Click on Day 8 to see some crystal clear Blue Pools and rocky beaches!





Stay Curious. Discover. Create. 


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