Day 8: Blue Pools and Beaches

It took us some time getting ready the next morning after a night out, but thankfully we had a chance to take another hot shower and have a full breakfast. Jessi and I had some fun making pancake art and eggs while the boys cleaned up Jucy. Cody got a bit cranky cleaning up the instant coffee that spilled in the cabinets. Getting dried coffee off of Jucy was definitely the biggest struggle of our trip!

After we finished our breakfast, we drove back to Wanaka and found the famous Wanaka Tree. Finally seeing the Wanaka Tree was, for me personally, quite unbelievable. We honestly saw more beautiful views during our trip, but since I still can’t believe I am in New Zealand, seeing the tree that I’ve been seeing in pictures for years still shocked me.

The drive towards Fox Glacier was beautiful. There were so many tiny waterfalls and the trees made it seem like we were driving through a luscious green jungle. We stopped by the Blue Pools and took a quick break to hike around. We crossed some suspension bridges to find crystal clear blue waters.

Afterwards, we stopped by a small town called Haas to grab some food before driving to a campsite on the beach. I could hear the waves crashing and I couldn’t wait till the morning to see what the beach looked like.

Gorgeous isn’t it.


Check out day 9 to read about Fox Glacier and Monteith’s Brewery!





Stay Curious. Discover. Create. 



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