Day 15: A night at the airport

This sunrise was definitely the most beautiful one we saw on the trip. Thank god Adam woke me up for it because the sky was lit a rich reddish orange color. Absolutely gorgeous. The morning was spent eating everything we had left and cleaning the van from top to bottom before heading to Christchurch. I would’ve loved to spend more time in Christchurch. They hosted a food truck and craft fair in the middle of the city to take people’s minds off the reconstruction from the 2011 earthquake. After we dropped of Jucy, we settled in in the airport for dinner. We didn’t want to waste all the wine we had so we attempted to drink the rest of it before security. I ended up throwing out the rest because we had to mix different types of booze in our water bottles. Safe to say that it didn’t taste good and we were slightly inebriated. Our flight didn’t leave until the next morning but since we didn’t want to pay an extra day for the car, we spent the night at the airport. Jessi and I really enjoyed staying at the airport. Fourteen hours went by really fast and sleeping in beanbags was surprisingly comfortable. I think the boys were surprised to how low maintenance we are.

Arriving back into civilization felt a bit funky after being off the grid for so long. I think this trip helped me grow into the person I knew I always was. It felt really refreshing to disconnect from social media and enjoy the present moment. I now understand the life of Ron Swanson. Everyone needs to get away from the hectic, dramatic, and stressful life we all live in to remember what’s actually important in life; nature, love ones, and electric blankets.

It was an emotional plane ride back. We weren’t ready to leave the adventures we had in the South Island. Nonetheless, it gave us a fresh, new, and humble perspective on life. We all know that we’ve made lifelong friends and memories to last forever.

Traveling tip: Kindle’s are worth it. Yes, it is nice to be able to write and underline notes in a actual book but reading on airplanes helped make the time fly faster. Also, you can never have enough cookies from Cookie Time. 

Thank you New Zealand for an unforgettable trip with priceless friends.




Stay Curious. Discover. Create. 

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  1. Karnawati

    I can not wait to see you and listen more of your exciting stories ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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