Thank you New Zealand

So much has happened the last three weeks. From spending a weekend with Sofia in Sydney to getting scuba certified at the Great Barrier Reef. Normally, I like to write my posts in order so that whoever reads my blog has a clear path of where I’ve been. But as I wait to board my flight to Australia, I can’t help but reminisce about my past five months in New Zealand.

I first arrived in Australia on November 4th (I get to go to Australia twice) to go scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef. I traveled with Adam, but met up with Jessi, Casey, and Cody later in Cairns. We spent 10 days in Australia before flying back to New Zealand to spend our final week at the Bay of Islands. With time flying faster then ever, I tried to soak up every second of our last three weeks. Jessi, Casey, and Cody will visit Sofia and me in Bali, but Adam will be unable to join us on that trip. I wonder and am excited to see where and when the four of us are together and traveling again. I think it’s safe to say we are all motivated to work hard back at home to save money for our next trip.

My friends and family ask me if I’ve changed during this trip. Other then getting older/mature, I don’t think I’ve changed at all. I think I’ve just become me. New Zealand, especially Wellington, accept you for who you are. As cheesy as that sounds, I really feel welcome here. I could be myself because no one had any pre-notions or expectations about me. I believe that Wellington pushes for genuine creativity and uniqueness and that allows more people to be their true self. I fell in love the moment I got off the plane and I most definitely plan on continuing my life here in New Zealand as soon as I graduate or have the money too.

I never expected to do so much and meet so many people. I’ve crossed off so many things of my bucket list. I tried to throw myself out there and explore even though some things were out of my comfort zone. I am so proud of myself for accomplishing all that I have, but nothing fills my heart up more then connecting with the people I’ve met. I’ve made so many friends from around the world and it’s made this entire journey so much more rewarding and memorable.

It’s been a challenge writing these blog posts since most of my experiences have been truly indescribable. However, this particular one is by far the most emotional and painful. I am grateful for my time here in New Zealand. I never expected my departure to hurt as much as it does. All I can think about is when I will be coming back. Nonetheless my five-month journey would not nearly be as special without my family. Jessi, for all the times we laughed together… thank you. Cody, for being your goofy and intelligent self…thank you. Lastly, Adam, for sharing with us your photography tips and amazing laugh…thank you. Together, all of you have shown me new perspectives of this adventurous world.

Stay tuned for more updates. 🙂






Stay Curious. Discover. Create. 




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  1. The bigger journey is just beginning. New Zealand has been a great springboard for your future success.

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