Aussie Adventures Day 1

The morning Adam and I flew into Sydney was such a hectic morning. I spent the night before saying my goodbyes since it was my last night in Wellington with everyone. I grabbed dinner at Wagamama with Alice, said goodbyes to some others, and then headed to the Welch Dragon with Jessi and Casey to say goodbye to Ross, our favorite bartender. I headed back to my flat knowing I only had about three hours of sleep before I having to head to the airport.

Getting up early wasn’t a big deal since I was so excited to see my high school friend Sofia. She studied in Sydney the same time I was in New Zealand. Two and a half hours of sleep didn’t bother me, but I had to knock on Adam’s door a couple times before he rolled out of bed. Thank god we arrived to the airport early because we had a bit of a misshap with our check in baggage and ended up having to pay NZ$130 to check in our backpacks…

Three hours later we were in Sydney! It felt so amazing to feel the sun on my skin again. Wellington, at that time, was a bit miserable and I missed the warmth of the sun. Once we got to Sofia’s apartment, we changed into our bathing suits and hopped on the train to go to Manly Beach. We ended up doing a ton of sight seeing in one day. Even though Adam and I were exhausted from not sleeping for basically 24 hours, we got through it and saw more of Sydney then I expected to. Being in a huge city felt foreign to Adam and me. We were not used to taking public transportation since you can walk around all of Wellington. Things definitely became a lot pricier then I realized.

We got off the train by the harbor and saw the most photographed building in the world, the Sydney Opera house!! I think I’m still in denial of seeing the Australia since I’ve been wanting to come since I was a kid. Well, actually I’m in denial of pretty much everything I’ve done on this five-month trip.

We caught a ferry across the harbor got some well-needed acai bowls for energy and headed to Manly and Shelly Beach. Shelly Beach was the perfect place to swim in since the currents were non-existent. After we finished baking in the sun, we took the ferry back across and spent some time walking around the city. We saw the botanical gardens, Hyde Park, and Town Hall. We stopped by the apartment to shower but we left soon after before I could fall asleep on the couch. We grabbed dinner at the Italian Bowl (a must must go) and attempted to go out to the clubs, but Adam and I didn’t last that long. Staying up past 30 hours was pretty rough.





Stay Curious. Discover. Create. 

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