Aussie Adventures Day 2

Thank god we got to sleep in a bit because we had another long day. Plus, the heat really takes it out of you. We visited the Glebe Market after grabbing some breakie at Badde Manors and doughnuts at Doughnut Time. We didn’t spend too much time at the market since I knew if I spent another second I’d be spending way more money then I needed to. I did, however, buy a macro photography lens set for my Iphone. The lens clip onto the camera and makes it so easy to take pictures wherever you go. Great investment.

After a bit of a splurge, we took the bus to Coogee to walk along the coastline towards Bondi Beach. The entire walk took us pretty much the entire day because we stopped for pictures and sightseeing. There were so many small, private-like coves that were so tempting to relax at. If only we were wearing swimsuits we could’ve spent time at Gordan’s Bay or Bronte Beach. Just before we reached Bondi Beach we ran into giant sculptures along the sidewalks and on the beach. We were lucky to see them just before they were taken to a different location. After a quick rest Bondi Beach and a burger for Adam, we jumped on the bus to head back to town to grab dinner at Din Tai Fung. Dinner was so much fun, the restaurant is famous for their giant dumplings! Super yummy and the colored dumplings added a playful touch to the meal. Tonight was a relaxing night since Adam and I had an early flight to Cairns. A glass of wine and some Sherlock ended our adventurous day.

A short post this time since I have so much to catch up on!!





Stay Curious. Discover. Create. 


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