Aussie Day 3-5

The morning of our flight to Cairns turned out to be stressful yet least for me. It started out with Adam accidentally locking Sofia out of her apartment in the morning and then us ending up at the domestic airport instead of the international airport. We made it with only thirty minutes left to check in! 😀

Note to Jetstar: you should tell your passengers they need to go to the international airport when their flight is a domestic one.

Cairns was a lot more humid then I expected. Heat and humidity are really good for your skin so I don’t mind it too much, but as soon as we touched ground, I instantly started sweating… like a lot. Adam and I checked into a hostel named Jazz and waited with fresh juice and seafood at the Courtyard till Jessi and Casey arrived.

The four of us walked around Cairns for the rest of the day it felt so tropical that it seemed like I was in Mexico! The waters here were much different than in Sydney. Crocodiles lurk in the waters so people aren’t allowed to swim in the ocean, but the city came up with a solution by building a really large swimming pool in the middle of the park.

We spent about an hour walking around the city looking for a place to eat and finally settled at Prawnstar. We wanted to wait for Cody but we couldn’t resist. The restaurant was a small boat that served incredibly fresh seafood. Super expensive but one-hundred precent worth it.

I shared a fresh plate of salmon sashimi and shrimp with Adam while Casey and Jessi shared shrimps and oysters. This was definitely some of the best seafood I’ve ever had. Super fresh.

After dinner we explored an indoor market that sold everything from food to art. It was here I discovered the most delicious churro shop. Yummers. Once we walked off our dinner we sat by the water to listen to the waves. I felt calm and peaceful feeling the warm summer breeze on my skin.

The next morning was our first day of scuba diving lesson with ProDive. It was a bit nerve-wrecking because it was basically like taking a class where you have to pass tests and such but thankfully our instructor was amazing. We had about fifteen students in our class and we were split between two instructors: Perry and Kim. Luckily, the five of us were in the same group and we got to meet people from all over the world. Before we learned how to actually use the scuba gear, we had to take swimming tests in their pool. Perry had us tread water for ten minutes and do fourteen laps with snorkel gear. It really wasn’t bad at all so we all passed with flying colors. We had a break for lunch and afterwards we headed back to the classroom to learn about different parts of scuba diving gear and safety signals. We spent the last part of the day back in the pool with our scuba gear on. Perry taught us different skills under the water such as what to do if our regulator (mouth piece that we use to breathe) comes out and how to take water out of our masks. Once we started getting comfortable with that, Perry took us to the deep part of the pool to work on equalizing and buoyancy. I am so grateful that ProDive had such great instructors. My nerves were gone after the day and I felt a lot more confident for day two. After the day was over we got dropped back off at our hostel and we grabbed dinner at an Irish pub called O’Briens before walking around town again.

Fun fact: Jessi noticed that Cairns has a ton of bats flying around at night! At first we couldn’t tell whether they were parakeets or bats but once we looked up at the strangler trees we could see them hanging upside down resting! How cool! I’ve never seen bats till that night! They made awful noises but at least they ate all the bugs before the bugs ate us.

Day two of scuba diving felt a lot more comfortable for all of us. We worked a lot more on skills and free diving before breaking for lunch at Grills. Gratefully, ProDive bought our lunch for us. Australia took most of my money because getting certified is very very expensive but I don’t regret a moment of it. After lunch we went to the ProDive gear shop in case anyone wanted to buy snorkel gear. I bought a set because it’s really important to have goggles that fit your face when you’re under such high pressure in the water. Plus, if you take good care of them they could last past a decade. We headed back to the classroom to take our final exam and thank God we all past. We finished class earlier today so we had time to plan a BBQ dinner by the lagoon. The boys got kangaroo meat to grill at the market and we had ourselves a little picnic to the end the day!

We called in an early night since we were heading out to the Great Barrier Reef very early in the morning. So exciting!!





Stay Curious. Discover. Create.




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